Brunch Club: Ootong & Lincoln, Fremantle


I’ve always held a soft spot for Fremantle. I spent a lot of time in the hippy suburb in my uni days. I worked at a couple of different restaurants on the cappuccino strip, I (embarrassing) used to frequent Metro’s Freo most weekends and being a uni bum spent many hours wandering the markets with a coffee in hand. These days I live on the other side of the city, so Freo adventures are very special to me as they are (sadly) far and few between. Continue reading

Juice Cleansing: A Beginner’s Guide


Whilst I didn’t really over indulge on Christmas goodies over the festive period the last few weeks of my life have been pretty stressful (I’m okay, don’t worry) and unfortunately I’m a bit of comfort eater. Hello carb party. I haven’t managed to stick to my usual semi-healthy food routine as of late and this probably contributed to a low immune system and catching a summer flu a couple of weeks back. And when you’re used to seeing the number on the scales slowly tick backwards it’s a bit of a nasty surprise to see them climbing back up again. So I had to do something about it. And fortunately The Juicist came to my rescue. Continue reading

Brunch Club: The Sarapan, Victoria Park


It’s only open two days a week. It shares a home with a few other foodie ventures. It’s a concept cafe filled with love and delicious eats. Intrigued? So was I. And that it why I recently had to keep a weekend morning free to visit The Sarapan in Victoria Park. Continue reading

The Court Hotel, Northbridge


You could say The Court Hotel and I have a very long, and significant history. Back in my single, and more youthful days I spent at least three nights a week at the iconic club and pub dancing the night away with friends. I’ve met some of my closest people at that place, and E and I shared our first drink together EVER in the beer garden. So many memories. Continue reading

Brunch Club: Obsesso Espresso, Perth


Sometimes I wish I worked in the city. It’s constantly buzzing, there is always something new and exciting going on and the lunch time options are very extensive. Come to think of it my current work place is also constantly buzzing and something new is always happening, but the food options can be pretty dismal. That is one good thing about working shift work though, free time to wander into the city for a late lunch and a bit of exploration. Continue reading

Darlings Supper Club, Northbridge


I’ve certainly got room for a few more darlings in my life. And Northbridge’s Darlings Supper Club will be one of them. The modern asian fusion eatery can be found on Lake Street in the city, and is one of Perth’s newer late night venues boasting sexy cocktails, an extensive decadent menu and a rocking late night experience.

Continue reading