Food Photography For Social Media, Westfield Whitford City


Back in the day before I started blogging myself, I had a lot of spare time to read a hundred and one food, fashion and lifestyle blogs. You know you’ve found a good food blog when you feel hungry when reading the posts, and if I ever needed foodie advice I’d be straight onto dinewhitme. I’ve known epic food blogger and photographer Whit for a while now, and she’s pretty much a cool girl with an eye for good food. Her blog is filled with insanely gorgeous food snaps and hot tips on all the best places in town with a personal twist.

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Brunch Club: Gusto Food, South Perth


When my friend L suggested a Sunday catch up at Gusto Food in South Perth I was instantly in. Firstly, it is is a two minute drive from home, and secondly they make a gorgeous breakfast. Located on pretty little Angelo Street, Gusto Food boasts a seasonal menu and friendly staff. Continue reading