What a manic fortnight! Since receiving my gorgeous EcoSport Titanium on loan from Ford and Kidspot I’ve been all over the shop. Add in the usual events, birthdays, brunch dates, family time, work, my darling and the tiniest spot of down time I can barely remember what day it is! But that is life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


1. A final night out on the time with our friend S before she moved overseas… WAHH!
2. Juice dates with L
3. Fremantle’s amazing new street art – those colours!
4. Off to the first MANY6160 Blogger’s Emporium


5. Trying a new brunch spot with V – Typika, you’re amazing.
6. Pre-dinner selfies, hehe.
7. Sunshine with my lady
8. A few sneaky shots for C’s birthday!


9. My BEAUTIFUL Ford, thanks Kidspot!
10. Tasty treats at the LoveThread event… Mmm.
11. Brunch dates with fellow blogger Sass & Spice
12. Spotted!

And lately I’ve been…

Reading: still reading The Egg Race by Polly Williams (why you so busy life!)

Listening To: Sigma, Snakadaktal and Ash Grunwald

Watching: Wentworth, Ladies of London and Catfish

Wearing: dresses and stockings, aztec print tees and booties

Eating: eggs galore, fresh juices and random delicacies at Hippo Creek Meat & Wine

Loving: being on holidays and my Ford Ecosport Titanium on loan for Paint The Town Ford

Hating: all the horrible things happening in the world at the moment.

Buying: jelly belly car air fresheners and strawberry body products

What are you listening to?

E x

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Pretty In Pink Girls Night In




I love a blogger who is using her influence for good (kind of makes her sound like a superhero right?). The gorgeous Angeline of LoveThread has been working alongside The Esther Foundation this year to promote and create awareness for the charity, and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get involved and spread the love for the wonderful foundation. I really enjoy attending blog events, but especially when I can go with a friend, and fellow blogger Miss Vanessa aka Nezuki was my date for the evening.

Hello Parry HQ was the ultimate location for the girly affair. Entering the super cute Northbridge store felt like we’d stepped into a high school prom as the room was filled with pink balloons. The dessert bar and cocktail making station were a big hit (thanks to Shelan Creatives and Love Is Party), and we may have enjoyed a sneaky strawberry punch, or three.

Amy Davis Nail Art and Emer.Rose Makeup Artistry donated their time and beauty services to the important cause, adding a little more pretty to the room and everybody was looking a million dollars.




My personal highlight of the evening was a discussion lead by Perth fashionista and blogger Michelle of A Minute Away From Snowing blog. This girl knows the trials and tribulations of being a blogger, and it felt as if she’d taken the words straight from my head. Yes, blogging can be very hard and very time consuming but at the end of the day it is worth it! Her honesty was fantastic, but she was also extremely motivational. No wonder she’s now blogging for Vogue… Go girl!




Big thanks to LoveThread for hosting the gorgeous event. Even though I don’t own a lot of pink, I’m very much a girly girl at heart and this event was the sweetest of the sweet. Angeline will be holding a few more events for The Esther Foundation throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled at the @lovethreadproject Instagram page so you don’t miss out on the next one!




E x

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What I Wore: Scottish Dog Print





dress: dotti (similar here), jacket: thrifted forever new, earrings: lovisa (similar here), ring: vintage markets, shoes: kmart australia, lipstick: australis

Woof woof. I’ve only liked dogs for a few years. Strange, yes, but it’s only been in the last five years or so where the fear I once had for pooches has finally disappeared. Phew. Because I can’t see myself disliking my little sisters doggies, they’re just too loveable. Dogs on a dress are fine though, they can’t hurt you!

This printed number was actually picked up to wear on my birthday last year. It was love at first site – a gorgeous, rich colour, a super sweet Peter Pan collar and a quirky print. Plus it can be worn with stockings in winter for those girly days. This outfit joined me for a family lunch catchup with my sister and Nanna, and the flowing skirt provided plenty of room for dessert!

Are you a dog fan?

E x

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A Letter To My Body


Dear Body,

I think I’m finally at a point in my life where I can write you this letter. I’ve known you for nearly 27 years now, but I think this is first time I’ve felt complete confidence in you. We’ve definitely had a love/hate relationship, more hate than love I think, but after this long I’ve finally found that body confidence they always talk about in the magazines. After discussing self image with friends recently, I realised I am the happiest I’ve been with you in a long time. Curves and all.

I can remember points in my life where I really didn’t understand you, like when I was the first girl in my class to grow boobs… And they didn’t stop growing. Or the struggles I had with my skin growing up, and never understanding why. But I got you back – I treated you pretty badly in my university days. Constantly filling you with alcohol, never giving you enough sleep, smoking (yes I’m still doing that and I will quit when I can, promise). But I’m finally in a place where I’m feeling better than ever. I hope you’re feeling better now that I’m eating better, the alcohol consumption is a lot less and I’m managing to throw in as much sleep as I can. And I can pretty much say now, I love you body. Sorry it’s taken me this long to say it, but brain was getting in the way. But she knows how it is now.

Much love,

E xoxo

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Paint The Town Ford – Urban Adventure


I can’t tell you how long the Wallpaper Guide To Perth has sat on my bookshelf, but when I initially picked it up online I had plans. Plans to get out and discover my city. Yes, I’ve lived in Perth since I was nearly nineteen, but I’m one of those people who finds a suburb and sticks to it. I also sport an impressive secret stash of Urban Walkabout guides. I’ve looked through them, circled things I want to check out and then put them in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Saturday morning saw E and I with no plans – at all. A rare occurrence, and probably the chance we needed for a much-needed sleep in, but a free morning meant the perfect opportunity to make use of all the tidbits I’d collected over the years and go on an Urban Adventure in our beautiful city. Thanks to Kidspot and the Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford provided me with a sexy, brand new Ford EcoSport Titanium on loan for a few weeks. E and I have been zooming all over the shop in the zippy little beast, and it was the perfect set of wheels for our adventure.

Perth is small. But that certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially when you only have a few hours up your sleeve (we had a date with roller skates later in the afternoon). E is a walking road map, but just incase her sense of direction failed (it was very early!) I mapped our route on my iPhone and connected it via Bluetooth through Ford’s simple SYNC system. Armed with dodgy coffees and some banging tunes and we were off.

urban adventure playlist:
royals (lorde cover) – bonjah
sleepyhead – passion pit
wild things – san cisco
morning after day – timbaland
father said – thelma plum







In the last few months Perth CBD has had a much-needed mini facelift. An initiative between private businesses and Form Gallery has seen once bare walls and alleyways infused with colour and design by local and international artists to create a myriad of beauty in a once industrial setting. Murray Street car park is now a haven of vibrant street art, a major contrast to what it once was. A normally busy spot, we were lucky to arrive bright and early to an empty scene, allowing us to really stop and appreciate the art. As you know I’m a colour fanatic and anything bright and shiny will keep me entertained for hours. E and I wandered around the car park, snapping away at its new beauty. Move over Melbourne, Perth’s on your tail.








You could call Highgate Mount Lawley’s cooler, hipper little sister. With many fantastic food spots including Soloman’s Cafe and Enrique’s School for to Bullfighting, flower shops on every corner and quirky artistic tokens (think bathtubs converted to planter boxes) it’s the perfect place to stroll in the sunshine. Fortunately the EcoSport Titanium is small and compact, perfect for city parking, and the reverse sensors helped me to squish into the tight street parking offered in the hip suburb.








After ogling street art for a good hour, E and I were craving a tasty breakfast and Mary Street Bakery filled the brief. I’ve visited Mary Street in the past for coffee and cake (a peanut butter and jelly donut to be precise… heavenly), but I’d been dying to sit down for a meal. All of their organic bread is made on site and the cafe/bakery was warm, cosy and full of smiles. My feast of boiled eggs and toast “soldiers” took me back to childhood – boiled eggs were rare at our house. Mum’s specialty was fried or scrambled, so it was always very exciting when boiled eggs were delivered to the table at family breakfasts. Mary Street’s boiled eggs were perfectly cooked and the corn relish was the perfect addition. Two cold pressed juices later and a stop past the bakery for some sweet treats and we were refueled and keen for a walk. Any suburb whose bike racks are covered in colourful twine has my tick of approval.









The final stop on our early morning adventure took us to Perth’s cultural hub. Perth Cultural Centre is one of those feel good spots where you’re guaranteed a good coffee and something to gaze at. On this particular morning we were bombarded with shrieking children, the smell of good food and a whole lot of ruckus. Being school holidays the space was sporting a very impressive setup including an ice skating rink! Families milled around drinking warm cocoa whilst their children enjoyed the ice.







I’m one of the most uncoordinated people to walk this planet so ice skating was certainly not on my list of priorities that morning (flashback to age 12 and feeling absolutely terrified on a school camp and being forced to ice skate for two hours – I still shudder at the thought of it), so E and I were quite happy to inhale the carefree vibe and take a lazy stroll through the hubbub. What I adore about this area is the mix of old and new – heritage buildings dating back to the 1890′s juxtaposed with new, edgy structures and abstract art. It’s a bit of a design dream. If you could only visit one spot in the CBD, this would be it. Thanks Perth, it’s been real.







Have you ever just taken time to discover your city?

E x

As a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Finalist for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition, major sponsor Ford Australia provided me with a brand new EcoSport Titanium for six weeks to Paint The Town Ford. This is the first of three posts documenting my adventures in this sexy little vehicle. I can’t say I was a huge car enthusiast in the past but this car has changed my opinion – no wonder people are so obsessed with their wheels! Follow my adventures on Facebook and Instagram – #paintthetownford xx E

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Lunch Club: The Green Bean Organic Store & Cafe, Lathlain

My little sister L has been on a strict diet for the past few weeks but that didn’t stop us from heading out to lunch this weekend. Just meant we had to go for a healthy option, which gave us the perfect excuse to visit The Green Bean Organic Store and Cafe in Lathlain. A short drive from home, L, E and I weren’t too sure what to expect but we were very surprised. Green Bean is more organic store than cafe, but they do have a few tables tucked in between fruit tea displays and vege chips stands. The cafe is quaint but the staff were very friendly and attentive. L was so excited that she could eat majority of the menu, because we all know hard it is to dine out when dieting.



Everything on the menu is made fresh daily with organically sourced produce. The menu has many choices with ample raw, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options. I decided on the Frittata of the Day with salad ($17.50). Like any good frittata it was crammed full of delicious vegetables and very tasty. Served with three gorgeous salads and spicy tomato relish, it disappeared from my plate very quickly. Mmm. L went with the Zucchini Soup ($11.50). She found it flavoursome, rich and very filling. It smelt wonderful, and you could tell it was homemade. It looked very hearty.




Green Bean boasts they serve the best coffee in Perth, and I’ll tell you it was pretty damn good. They use organic, fair-trade BioBean coffee beans and you could taste the difference. On this occasion I went with a Traditional Long Mac with Soy (regular and coconut milk also available) and I really enjoyed my cuppa.



Even though L was stuffed after her soup, she couldn’t pass up a Raw Cacao Ball ($3.95). We shared the sweet treat, and it was the perfect finish to our lovely meal. I also left a very happy lady after picking up some organic tea by the English Tea Shop at half the price I normally pay at our local deli. Score. Even E was impressed, and she’s the fussiest of the fussy. You know you’ve found a winner when E leaves in a good mood, haha.


Green Bean is one of those places where you can tell that a lot of love goes into the food, and the staff are obviously very passionate about healthy eats. If you’re looking for a hearty, tasty meal, this is your kind of cafe.

What’s your favourite healthy eat?

E x

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Lusting Over: AL EX, artist

Those moments when you stumble across something that truly inspires you are rare. AL EX is a WA based artist with an eye for bright colour and quirk – so obviously I was hooked immediately. Originally from the tiny beach town of Dunsborough, Alex made her way to Perth and has just flourished in our local art scene. Her grungy, washed out acid palette prints are eye catching and if you’re anything like me, they’ll leave you feeling intrigued.




This pretty little lady came home with me at the Blogger Emporium, and I’ll be honest, I wished I could take another three or four of her friends with me. Titled “Eye Sore” and sporting big eyes and plump lips, she’s one sexy creature. She’s currently living on my vintage typewriter as I scout the perfect frame.

Alex has an amazing array of pieces available for purchase, so hit her up on Instagram or Facebook. And look out for her collaborative magazine Lo$er Unit alongside Girltoy.

Are you drawn to bright art?

E x